Help for Bianka
05.08.2016 News

biankaA week ago, a two-year old daughter of our colleague was diagnosed with retinoblastoma. Cancer attacked both eyeballs, the situation is dramatic.

The child is currently undergoing chemotherapy for the cancer ward of Children’s Health Center in Warsaw. The best chance of saving sight, saving the eyes is to proceed with treatment in the United States. Dr David H. Abramson, Chief of the Ophthalmic Oncology Service at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, which specializes in the treatment and handling of this disease specifically and very advanced cases. Departure is neccessary now. Costs – astronomical. We are waiting for confirmation of the final valuation, but cost can fluctuate in the range of 1.5 – 2.2 million Polish zlotys (approx. 390 570.000 USD) . The treatment is not reimbursed by the Polish National Health Fund. The solution is a social fundraising.

We want to help. We will spread the news about collection in our magazines, we are trying to talk into action other media (with shorter production process than press), our contractors, co-workers, friends and their friends …

The more people learn about the case, the greater the chance Bianka has. Time is of the utmost importance – the therapy would be best to start immediately, at the latest within the next three weeks. Fundraising takes place under the aegis of the Foundation “Knights and Princesses” providing support for children with eye cancer.


We appeal to all people of good will: let us help raise money for the Bianka’s operation!


Below details and account numbers:

90 1020 1042 0000 8902 0324 4142 title transfer: “Darowizna dla Bianki”

SMS “BIANKA” to the numbers:
79567 – cost of 9 PLN net  ~USD 1,34 (11,07 gross, ~USD 2,85)
76567 – cost of 6 PLN net  ~USD 1,56 (7,38 gross ~USD 1,82)

does not include any roaming costs when sent from out of Poland.
About Bianka on Foundation webpage (you can donate with PAYPAL and PAYU there):


FB  page that informs about current health of Bianka and other means to raise funds (eg. by auctions) – mostly in Polish language:


Information about the doctor in the US: